About Us
Since 1997, Stince.com Consultancy has been providing a multitude of services and solutions to both large organizations and small-medium sized businesses through our headquarters near Ann Arbor, Michigan (and in the Chicago and Detroit metro areas as well).

Our unique expertise and position allows the leveraging of learnings from larger organization's infrastructure, web development, designs and processes...we pass on these valuable elements and adapt such approaches to smaller businesses in the local markets - at very affordable rates.

Our Focus
Stince.com Consultancy focuses on assisting small and medium-sized businesses with technology expertise and both management and IT consulting services. Our primary mission is to be part of the solution for these business owners working to survive and thrive in a challenged US economy as globalization and rapid change overwhelms many grappling with the deluge of competitors, risks, new technologies, and vendors. Our knowledge and expertise can assist you in navigating the rapidly changing environments and guide you in making prudent investments and expenditures to maximize your returns, market shares, and growth plans.

Through our client interactions, one key objective is to build durable relationships to facilitate long lasting and value enhancing win-win scenarios. Since we value these relationships with you so highly, our team of professionals treats you and your projects with tremendous care and attention, providing outstanding service that you expect again and again – you deserve it! Regardless of the size of your company or organization, Stince.com Consultancy welcomes the opportunity and privilege to work with you.